I Never Thought I’d Subscribe to Teen Vogue

‘Cause really, so many reasons to raise all the middle fingers to fashion, however, unlike so many “real” magazines, Teen Vogue has clapped back hard at Trump. For this, they got my dollars.

While other publications still normalize Trump’s hateful rhetoric, scary cabinet, and perfidy, Teen Vogue played it straight. Writer Lauren Duca drew the correct parallel between Trump’s behavior and that of an abusive person who “gaslights”: telling someone the way they are experiencing things is wrong, to make them doubt their own reality. For example, all the times Trump has lied about not knowing Putin, being a great businessman, or about respecting women.


When Teen Vogue does a better job of reporting on abuse from a politician than the Washington Post and a number of other publications that romanticized neo-Nazis’ good grooming, Teen Vogue gets my money.

Because The New York Times admitted they screwed the pooch on covering Trump responsibly, and have done far better since, I bought a subscription to that. My personal subscription trifecta is completed with Newsweek, where Kurt Eichenwald has fearlessly engaged in reporting Trump’s garbage behavior, and called his lying “lies,” instead of “claims.”

One of the biggest fronts where Trump, his Swamp, and Putin will be fought is countering their lies with Truth, so support truthful reporting with your wallet.



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