A Overpriced at $1 Course on Making Money with Your Art

I’m not going to link to it. I can tell you that it’s a course on how to set up an account on a marketplace where pricing is a race to the bottom. For example, character design with a 3-day turnaround and unlimited revisions for $20-ish.

The course tells you to start low. An artist with an unproven track record, developing skills, and no cachet is going to be waiting a long time if they price themselves like Stephen Silver. But $20 or even $50 or $100 for a character design where all rights are the buyer’s, or $5,000 for a 200-page comic with a cap on how much you can earn from it in royalties, is bull.

You and your art worth more than that. Doing nickel-and-dime jobs hurts your ability to earn a living in the future, and it hurts other creators, too. Ones you admire. Ones who could be future employers and allies.

Take a pass on working cheap. It’s not good business for anyone.


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