Episode Dreaming: Sherlock

Sometimes I dream entire episodes of shows or movies. The narratives are actually cohesive, even if the events are not consistent with the “rules” of the show.

I dreamed an episode of Sherlock. While it broke the mostly real-world feel of Sherlock, it still worked.

Then, in my dream, Stephen Moffat announced that Sherlock was really Dr. Who, and always had been. I was disappointed, but while I was still dreaming, thing about this that made me the saltiest wasn’t that Sherlock wasn’t Sherlock, it was that all the music changed from Michael Price’s fantastic, moody compositions* to synthy Dr. Who TARDIS materializing noises.

Don’t you touch my jangly adventure theme or Watson moody cab ride piano notes.

*Price co-produced the music on The Iron Giant, and composed the scores for Hott Fuzz and Nanny McPhee. So much nerd happiness, here.