Kitchen, 5 Months Later

I’ve been renovating my kitchen for a year now. Hanging the cabinets came to a screaming, sobbing halt in July because a belt sander caught the heel of my left hand and chewed a hunk of skin off.

(The doctor in the ER was a complete assface. I had to go to urgent care a week later to get proper treatment.)

I had the belt sander accident because I was tired, rushing, and not wearing gloves.

I went into surgery to relieve the carpal tunnel in my right hand a couple days later. I hid the torn heel under a bandage.

I finally went back to the kitchen last night, after a half-dozen fits and starts and mis-drilled hole, and got two more cabinets (of 14) up on the wall.

I enjoy using power tools immensely. More than that, I’m excited to be moving forward again.

I really miss having counters.

There’s a picture of the cabinets here because I got up to get potato salad.