It’s Not #Unpresidented Inauguration Day…

…it’s “Now the Orange Hitler Can Be Impeached” day.

I’ll be at the L.A. Women’s March, supporting my sisters, my non-toxic brothers, my non-binary all of/none of the aboves, POC, and celebrating that we’re at the beginning of the end of the theft of our democracy.

This president is not normal. This election was not normal. It’s cabinet is not normal. Don’t accept it.



Taking in the Cement in a Starbucks Drive-Thru…

I encountered some serious concrete at the Reseda, CA @starbucks drive thru, because I was running to get the plate # of an SUV whose driver had stolen from the tip jar. They just casually boosted it as they pulled away.

I wrestled out of my seat belt, and took three steps before I fell, hit my shoulder on a pole, landed on both knees, and jammed my left leg. (I think now it may be that my left hamstring gave out.) I started crying from pain and frustration, sent David after the SUV to get the plate numbers when he got out of the car to help me. (He couldn’t catch it.)

The #Starbucks employees (and the people behind us) did…not a damn thing. The barista (Krystina) and three shift supervisors (Damian, Marian, and Kevin O) knew (husband and I went inside to talk to them) I was down on the curb and crying and elected to do nothing to help because of “sketchy” (Damian’s word) people in the neighborhood. We were dressed for a party, we didn’t look remotely dangerous, poor, ill, or whatever #sketchy means to shift supers.

David took me to the ER. Every bump of the ride made me cry harder. Ever have a Charley horse, a muscle spasm? Everything from butt and groin to below my knee feels like it’s twisted together in an over-tight rope.

More later.

Who Doesn’t Laugh

Cheeto Trump and Hannibal Lecter never laugh.

They’re both psychos. But one has charisma. (Hint: not the Orange Combover Putin Puppet.) One is fictional, the other got destroyed in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton. (Hint: the real person is the one HRC waxed.)

It’s seriously creepy that Annoying Orange doesn’t laugh. It’s a sign of a person to be avoided.