Drawing Warmup 1.12.2KX7


Drawing Janelle Monaé as Mary Jackson in HIDDEN FIGURES. I love the clothes and accessories but THAT HAIR is everything. So cute! The curls are so high! The headband!

I’m totally using that hairstyle again. This is one of the reasons/rewards for drawing.

You can watch the time-lapse of my drawing here.



Drawing Warmup 1.11.2KX7

imageI’m doing AM drawing warmups, after resisting them for too long, finally conceding to the wisdom of sweeping the cobwebs before work. This is the singer Mitski, as seen in Teen Vogue. First, a light, volume, and detail study. Then, more stylized, thinking about how I’d design her hair, face, and dress for animation/comics. Last, Teen Titans Go! show style.

(I bought a Teen Vogue sub to support their reporting on #notmypresident, and the December volume also has a page on SAILOR MOON!)
Thanks to Adam Warren for the motivspiration!