Ah! My Kawaii! January 12

I love cute things. They cheer me up, they hit me >spang< in the same place baby animals, babies, and certain colors do, I think cute for cute’s sake is a worthy goal.

This week, I’m supersonic squealing over the work of Lianne H., known on Instagram as dacraftylilninja. She’s the answer to: 1) How smol can Totoro get? 2) How many hours could I spend watching her videos?


1) So smol 2) Netflix binge-watch hours

Her work not only nails me right in my cute nerves, but also my polymer clay love, and devotion to projects with many satisfying steps. (I’m the kid who thought a model kit of a car that would have opening doors and hood and turning wheels was just right. I’m the adult who will condition, color, extrude, and apply yards of polymer clay ropes to cover an ostrich-sized papier-mâché egg.)


San-X Jinbesan tinies. Get my fainting couch, because I just can’t with this.